Workplace Wellness Client Testimonials


Presented In An Easy-To-Understand Manner 

Brenna from Nutritional Weight & Wellness provided a workshop to employees called Stress, Food & You. She was comfortable with the material and presented it an easy-to-understand manner. Participants learned why eating protein and healthy fats are key to stress management, and how sugar highs and lows contribute to stress and anxiety. The material challenged the old method of counting calories as a weight management tool; we learned that by eating whole foods and plenty of good fats and proteins, and by leaving out empty carbs and sugars, weight will manage itself. 

                                                                     — Jennifer Moreen | City of Plymouth

Clear Our Minds of Brain Fog

Kara spoke to our group about changing the fast food habit. She offered simple changes that can make snacks or lunches more satisfying and less expensive. The idea that eating better can clear our minds of brain fog is exciting to me. 

                                                                 — Denice Muccio-Grout | City of Eagan

Realistic Workplace Weight Loss Class 

Nutritional Weight & Wellness provided a workplace wellness nutritional seminar series for employees at Tokyo Electron – FSI. Participants found this course to be very informational and the presenters, Lynn and Britni, to be very knowledgeable and engaging. The plan highlights good fats and minimizing sugar to increase metabolism, which is a realistic and “doable” formula to healthfully eating for a lifetime. We very much enjoyed the series and would like to include additional series in the future.  

                                                                                       — Christina Mueller | TEL

Success for Program Participants

UCare employees have been receiving services from Nutritional Weight & Wellness staff since 2014. The program has rapidly grown thanks to the many successes experienced by program participants. Testimonials from clients include improved knowledge of overall nutrition, increased energy, improved sleep, weight loss, and decreased lower back pain. In addition, employees greatly appreciate the 1:1 appointment style and customization offered by Nutritional Weight & Wellness. We have found this to be a sound investment in the overall health and wellbeing of our employees at UCare.  

—Vanessa MacCallum | UCare

Lost 20 Pounds & Kept It Off

My experience with Nutritional Weight & Wellness has been so positive. I have learned to eat correctly and enjoy it. I have lost 20 pounds and have kept it off for 8 months. My cholesterol is down over 50 points. I can’t say enough good about working with these wonderful and helpful people.

—Cheryl | UCare employee

Simple & Practical Suggestions

This summer, Beehive launched our Summer of Healthy Eating initiative to help our team ingrain healthy eating practices into their daily lives. In addition to an office CSA membership, free healthy snacks and recipe sharing, we brought in Brenna Thompson to educate our team on what food to eat to support energy—and which foods/beverages to avoid. This information was eye-opening but Brenna’s suggestions were simple and practical. Since her presentation, our team has been drinking more water, watching the sugar content in our food more closely and eating healthier breakfasts. Several employees are actively working to break their Diet Coke habit as well.

—Rebecca Martin | Beehive PR

Informative & Inspiring

Brenna Thompson, guest speaker from Nutrition Weight & Wellness, spoke to our Senior Issues Network Group on the topic “Change Your Nutrition to Reduce Aches and Pains.” We had a wonderful turnout for this topic and the audience found the information to be informative and inspiring. In working with seniors we come across many people who suffer from chronic aches and pains. This presentation gave us some information to pass along to those we work with to hopefully improve their quality of life.

—Mary Gilmore | Anoka County Senior Services

Impressive Content, Knowledge, Responsiveness & Flexibility

We’ve had Nutritional Weight & Wellness conduct our onsite wellness seminars and attend our annual wellness fair for almost five years now. We’ve always been very impressed with their seminar content, knowledgeable speakers and responsiveness and flexibility when scheduling our onsite wellness events. We give them 5 stars!

—Denise Hrncir | Dakota Electric Association

Incredible Package of Workshops

Nutritional Weight & Wellness developed an incredible package of workshops serving our community members and participants from our programs which serve individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other learning challenges. Nutritional education can have such a dramatic impact on the quality of life for our clients, and we found that the presenter was well equipped to provide a motivating presentation of relevant material. She was able to meet our participants on their level when it comes to the healthy eating challenges that often coincide with ASD and learning disabilities.

—Aaron Carper | Minnesota Life College

Life-Changing Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional Weight & Wellness has been providing counseling services to the Metropolitan Airports Commission since 2008. The advice I received from NWW literally changed my life! I am sleeping better, am no longer tired at the end of my work day and have absolutely NO cravings. Other comments I have heard from employees:

  • The counseling sessions go beyond diet.
  • I have learned how to increase my fruits and vegetables and the importance
    of good fat!
  • Getting rid of sugar has changed my life!

—Lynn Sorensen | MAC Wellness Team Member

Loved The Sessions & Individual Attention To Unique Needs

The City of Eden Prairie started our journey with Nutritional Weight & Wellness by hosting a series of lunch and learns. Due to the numerous requests from employees to continue to offer the sessions we decided to have a nutritionist on site twice a month. Employees were able to have one-on-one sessions and learn what nutritional needs were appropriate for their body type, age, lifestyle, medical needs...Employees loved the sessions and the individual attention to their unique needs.

—Lori Kerns | City of Eden Prairie

Class Was A Huge Success

The City of Mendota Heights held its first ever nutrition class through Nutritional Weight & Wellness for our employees. Lea presented the Foods for Great Energy class. The class was a HUGE SUCCESS and Lea was AWESOME! Lea even stayed after class to answer additional questions. Employees were still talking about it the morning after. One employee even stopped another employee (who did not attend the class) from eating Cheetos. Another employee vowed to give up her Pepsi and chocolate snack in the afternoon after learning the snack equaled 16 tsp. of sugar. The Foods for Great Energy class was a great start to a wellness program and bring employees back to the basics of good nutrition.

I only heard one concern and that was the class wasn’t long enough, they wanted to hear more!

—Tamara Schutta, PHR | City of Mendota Heights

Informative, Enlightening & Entertaining

Cassie Weness, LD, RD, conducted a breakout session during Trusight's 2011 Annual Benefits Conference. Due to the very positive remarks received, we invited Cassie to present a keynote lunch presentation during the recent 2012 conference. Cassie presented an informative, enlightening and entertaining custom presentation on "Stress-Busting Foods." She used examples and products that resonated with all attendees. Evaluations included comments such as:

  • Provided information I can use in my life
  • Really enjoyed this session!
  • She's very good!
  • She was an excellent speaker!

—Kathryn Helmke, SPHR | Trusight

Employees Raved About Classes & Nutrition Counseling

“Last year at this time…I didn’t feel very well. Thanks to the Health and Wellness Programs here at Lindquist & Vennum, I found the help that I needed. After attending one of the classes, Food and Mood, I had a consultation with Cassie and we decided that I had a problem with gluten. Since September of 2010 I have lost 39 pounds and lots of inches. I now eat gluten free, I have so much more energy and I sleep like it’s heaven.

“The seminar speakers were very knowledgeable and helped me to understand just how much sugar is in everything and how that affects my body, my mood, and my health. Having that visual really helped me.”

“The private consultation gave me new and fresh insight into healthy recipes and snacks. I became aware of vitamins and/minerals plan that is designed for my specific needs.”

“After hearing Cassie speak on good fats and balanced nutrition, I decided to give the Nutritional Weight and Wellness way a try. I lost 25 pounds in 6 months, have more energy, and am sleeping better. Getting rid of excess sugar and eating the right amount of good fats makes me feel satisfied, and I no longer have any cravings. This is definitely the way I will eat from now on!”

—Employee comments on nutrition counseling and classes
Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P

Practical & Straightforward With Specific Strategies

The Balanced Food for Balanced Moods class was highly engaging with opportunities to ask questions. The presenter was highly knowledgeable with a wealth of resources readily accessible. Participants stayed after the session and were enthusiastic. The class was practical and straightforward with specific strategies to begin to change health habits. Highly recommended.

—Sharon Burrell | North St. Paul - Maplewood - Oakdale Schools

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