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The Answers to Your Sleep Questions, Revealed!

Nutritionists answer common questions about how to improve sleep.


Amy's Story — Improved Cholesterol and Sleep

Amy improved her cholesterol numbers, is better rested, and is managing her gallbladder issues.

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5 Questions with Carolyn

The most frequent questions nutritionists hear & much more!


Lori’s Story — Improved Mental and Physical Health

Lori lost 25 pounds and is feeling better both mentally and physically.

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Top Three Supplements for Better Sleep

Trouble sleeping or staying asleep? We've got some ideas for you.


Chris' Story — Lost Weight and Increased Energy

Chris lost 27 pounds, is feeling phenomenal and starting his new baby off eating the right way.

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Don’t let (the emotional turmoil of) Menopause Get the Best of You!

A nutritionist shares ideas on what you can do to make the menopause years happy and healthy!


Laura's Story — Changed Her Relationship with Food

Laura gained the knowledge of how to plan, cook and eat well.

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Sleep Your Way to a Healthier You

Now is the time for people to “wake up” and start making an earnest effort to get more sleep.


Erin's Story — Overcoming Depression and Down 4 Sizes

Erin lost 25 pounds, lifted her depression, is sleeping deeply and starting a new career path.

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Jim's Story — Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Back to Normal

Jim has amazing energy, is sleeping sound, improved his blood work and lost 45 pounds.

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Jeff's Story — No More Eczema or Shoulder Pain

Jeff got rid of eczema and joint pain by eating right.

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Lisa's Story — A Health Transformation

Lisa was able to resolve a laundry list of health problems and lose 30 pounds.

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Jamey’s Story — Managing Asthma and Increasing Energy

Jamey managed her asthma and is enjoying stronger training sessions due to better nutrition.

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Mary Lou's Story — Down 70 Pounds and Moving Great

Mary Lou lost 70 pounds , is off of her prescriptions and feeling great at 73.

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