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Ginny’s Story — Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

Ginny lost 44 pounds and gained power and control over her life.

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Jennie's Story — Sugar Addiction and Poor Eating Habits

Jennie changed her eating habits to reduce sugar cravings, lose weight, reduce joint pain, and feel amazing.

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Heidi’s Story — Lost Weight and Improved Muscle Definition

Heidi improved her body composition by eating real food. Her muscles are more defined and her skin is glowing.

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Amy's Story — Improved Cholesterol and Sleep

Amy improved her cholesterol numbers, is better rested, and is managing her gallbladder issues.

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Elizabeth’s Story — No More Panic Attacks

Elizabeth eliminated her panic attacks, is more clearheaded and feeling great!

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Barb's Story — Lost 60 Pounds and Four Dress Sizes

Barb lost 60 pounds and four dress sizes while getting her anxiety under control and eliminating cravings.

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Sandy's Story — Changed Her Eating to Lose 107 Pounds

Sandy lost 107 pounds, increased her energy and eliminated her depression.

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Zane's Story — From Anxious and Depressed to Confident

Zane transformed from feeling anxiety and depression to a happy, focused young man.

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Lori’s Story — Improved Mental and Physical Health

Lori lost 25 pounds and is feeling better both mentally and physically.

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Jennifer's Story — Eliminated Pain and Chronic Infections

Jennifer cleared up her chronic infections, has clearer skin, is pain-free and 45 pounds lighter.

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