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The Biggest Loser Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

What does healthy weight loss really mean and how do you accomplish it?


Elizabeth’s Story — No More Panic Attacks

Elizabeth eliminated her panic attacks, is more clearheaded and feeling great!

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Zane's Story — From Anxious and Depressed to Confident

Zane transformed from feeling anxiety and depression to a happy, focused young man.

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Jennifer's Story — Eliminated Pain and Chronic Infections

Jennifer cleared up her chronic infections, has clearer skin, is pain-free and 45 pounds lighter.

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Laura's Story — Changed Her Relationship with Food

Laura gained the knowledge of how to plan, cook and eat well.

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Erin's Story — Overcoming Depression and Down 4 Sizes

Erin lost 25 pounds, lifted her depression, is sleeping deeply and starting a new career path.

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Judy’s Story — Goodbye Brain Fog, Hello Energy

Judy lost 20 pounds, has more energy than ever before and got rid of brain fog.

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Jim's Story — Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Back to Normal

Jim has amazing energy, is sleeping sound, improved his blood work and lost 45 pounds.

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Jeff's Story — No More Eczema or Shoulder Pain

Jeff got rid of eczema and joint pain by eating right.

success story

Steve’s Story — Goodbye Food Addictions and Spare Tire

Steve lost 15 pounds, realized his food addictions and gained energy for Ironman training.

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Jamey’s Story — Managing Asthma and Increasing Energy

Jamey managed her asthma and is enjoying stronger training sessions due to better nutrition.

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