Alyssa O'Brien, RD, LD

bios_alyssa_obrien_large.jpgEnthusiastic by nature, Alyssa is eager to help you find your personal path to wellness with the healing power of nutrition.

At age 5, Alyssa was diagnosed with high cholesterol and sent home with a recommendation to start a low fat, low cholesterol diet. This early message from the doctor set Alyssa’s diet off in the wrong direction, leaving her and her family with a lasting misconception about fat. Later in life, for ethical reasons, Alyssa chose to follow a vegetarian diet for many years. This way of eating, combined with marathon training and lifestyle stressors, led to severe protein and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. At that time, her cholesterol was too low! She felt anxious, fatigued, and had poor concentration. She began listening to her body and drastically changed her diet to include animal protein again, resulting in more energy and focus with less anxiety. Alyssa has personally experienced the radical improvements that nutrition has on cholesterol levels, anxiety, anemia, energy and so much more! These experiences inspire her to support others to make real changes with real food in order to be happy and healthy with themselves and those around us.

Alyssa is caring and insightful and will be with you to find practical, lasting solutions that are right for you.

Education and Credentials

Alyssa is a registered dietitian and licensed through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her B.S. in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Then she completed the Mid-Willamette Valley Dietetic Internship in Oregon, where she settled for a few years with her husband and dog. To keep life balanced, Alyssa will create new recipes in the kitchen, head outside to run, hike or rock climb, or relax with some music or a good book.

Office Locations

Alyssa sees clients at the Maple Grove and St. Paul offices.

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