Balanced Foods for Balanced Moods—Online

Increase energy, enhance positive thoughts and manage stress by eating real foods in balance.

Balanced Foods for Balanced Moods — Online

Eating Real Foods in Balance

You can reduce negative moods, increase your energy, enhance positive thoughts, improve your memory, and manage stress.

This online class is intended for individual use and shall not be viewed by groups. It is not intended for public distribution. The class content is copyrighted.

What You'll Receive

Understand the food-mood connection and feel empowered to make permanent lifestyle changes.


Learn to choose foods that optimize production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin.


Discover the biochemical connection to cravings and how poor intestinal health creates low moods.


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How long is the class?

This online class is 50 minutes in length. Participants have five days (starting at the day of purchase) to watch the class.

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