Continuing Your Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Journey

We know it’s overwhelming because we’ve been there too. Nutrition can be life-changing, but life is full of challenges. You’re feeling like it’s all figured out and something comes along and knocks you down. When you’re going it alone it’s easy to revert to old habits and undo your hard work.

That’s why so many people keep coming back to the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program, to keep their success going surrounded by the support they need.

Is frustration creeping in as you’re…

  • …reviewing your latest blood sugar, triglyceride or cholesterol numbers and they’re not as good as they were when you had your nutrition on track?
  • …standing in front of the fridge at 4 o’clock trying to recall what balanced meal options you learned in Nutrition 4 Weight Loss? You can’t remember, so pizza and soda it is.
  • …struggling with your weight loss plateau and don’t really have anyone to discuss it with? Your weight loss battle isn’t the best book club topic or family dinner discussion.
  • …sitting at your desk struggling to keep your eyes open, let alone be productive for the next few hours? You know this sleepiness has something to do with nutrition but you just can’t remember what.

Any of those scenarios sound familiar? You’re not alone. We’re here to get you back on track with the healthy lifestyle and positive mood you found during your first Nutrition 4 Weight Loss experience.

Returning participants aren’t failures, they’re dedicated fighters. Fighting for their health, their life, their weight loss.

Here’s what we know for sure:

  • Good Metabolism Takes Time: In 12 weeks alone it’s not possible to rev your metabolism back to its full potential if it’s been slow for years. But in time you can. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing progress on the scale, metabolism is complex. Keep it going!
  • Weight Loss Takes Time: Perhaps after your 12 dedicated weeks with your first Nutrition 4 Weight Loss class you’re 10 pounds down, and still have 50 to go. You know the next 50 can’t happen overnight or over one month, so what’s your plan for success? Clients who continue with Nutrition 4 Weight Loss class say they have more success in meeting their goals.    
  • Nutrition Trumps Exercise: Simply put, to lose weight, what you eat is more important than how often you exercise. While staying active is important for many reasons, research shows that nutrition is the key to losing weight. 
  • It’s A Lot of Information: Research shows that in order to truly learn something you must hear it seven or eight times. The Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program covers a lot of information, so taking it again isn’t redundant, it’s necessary. Clients who go through the program again report feeling less overwhelmed and gain a deeper understanding of how nutrition works. Perhaps you’ll hear something you missed the first time around or pick up fresh ideas from new classmates.
  • The Path to Success Isn’t Lonely: You know this; it’s not 12 weeks and you’re done. It’s a forever change, a lifestyle change, and most of our clients need weekly support to keep them accountable to that. It’s natural to need group support, and that’s why Nutrition 4 Weight Loss is a continuing series.

Continuing client discount

Returning Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program clients pay only $199 (regular price $399) for another round of the same 12 weeks of classes, accountability and support. It breaks down to less than $17/class! NOTE: $199 price does not include the 2-hour nutrition counseling appointment.

Resume your journey

Ready to reconnect with Nutrition 4 Weight Loss? We’re thrilled to welcome you back into the community of weight loss support. See all class start dates and check out our online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program for support from the comfort of your home

Call us at 651-699-3438 to enroll. (This discount cannot be applied to online enrollees.)

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