Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program—Online

12 online classes to teach you how to boost your metabolism and shut down cravings with real food.

Online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program

Real Food: Our Path to Success

Are you diet-fatigued and beginning to wonder if your weight loss goals are possible? They are, but it’s time for a different approach, our Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Online Program. No gimmicks, no long-term contracts, no pre-packaged foods, points or calorie counting. At last, a weight loss solution that’s simple, affordable and effective! At Nutritional Weight & Wellness we believe in eating real food in balance, and we’ve seen thousands of clients (96% to be specific!) see health improvements. 

Most people following the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program can expect to lose up to a pound or more per week, but because everyone is unique, individual results vary. Nutrition 4 Weight Loss is designed to support your metabolism, and this is a healthy rate of weight loss.

See the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program results for yourself in this short video featuring Nutritional Weight & Wellness client Nell Kauls who lost 90 pounds and has kept it off for years:

The good news? We have the support team to help you get there and answers to the questions you’ve been wondering about for years.

The Nutrition 4 Weight Loss online recorded classes are filmed in front of a live audience taught by Kris and Kristen, two wonderful teachers who have followed the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss way of eating successfully for years. We're proud that our online class incorporates the energy and questions of a typical class, helping you know you’re not alone in your journey. 

Flexible, 24/7 Access

Keep your schedule flexible and your commitment to your weight loss goals solid with our online classes. Class videos are released once a week for the duration of the 12-week program, and you can watch them whenever works for you. This is intentionally done to help you make changes week by week and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Remember we’re looking for progress not perfection!

Not sure you can get to all the classes in 12 weeks? We know that life gets busy and things get in the way of keeping the schedule you planned. To make sure you get the most out of this program, you’ll have 24/7 access to all classes for 16 weeks.

Individual Support

The Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program includes two 1-hour one-on-one nutrition counseling appointments (counseling sessions can be done over the phone or in-person). This is your time of undivided attention to share your health history and develop a personalized eating plan.

Group Support

As part of the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program, you get special access to our private Facebook group, moderated by nutritionists and nutrition educators and comprised of fellow Nutrition 4 Weight Loss participants. This is your space to share ideas, get your questions answered and find a supportive community 24/7 of people on the same journey as you. 

Watch this clip featuring Nutritional Weight & Wellness educator Kristen Gunderson and see for yourself why the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program is the healthiest weight loss solution:

What You'll Receive

12 one-hour online classes taught by Certified Nutrition Educators, passionate about helping you feel your best


Two 1-hour nutrition counseling appointments with a licensed nutritionist or dietitian (counseling sessions can be done over the phone or in-person)


Personalized eating plan, take the guesswork out of what you should and shouldn’t be eating


Weekly emails with special tips and recipes along with a key point summary of each class. 


Access to the private Facebook group “Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Community” moderated by nutritionists and nutrition educators and comprised of fellow Nutrition 4 Weight Loss participants 


Magic Within Me food journal PDF


The Weigh 2 Weight Loss Cookbook PDF, full of 40+ recipes, meal planning ideas and cooking tips

As an online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program participant, you have an extra four weeks (16  instead of 12) to watch class videos as often as you like. Key Point Guides that summarize the important information in each class are included for you to print. Please note that copies of all the slides in the videos are not available to print or to purchase.

If you live outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area we provide your nutrition consultations via the phone or Skype. If that works for you click the enroll button below. 

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If you live in the Minneapolis/St Paul Twin Cities Metro area and would rather schedule your nutrition consultations in person, click the enroll button below.

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The Nutrition 4 Weight Loss online program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to lose weight and keep it off.
  • You have cravings for chocolate, candy, pop or chips.
  • Your metabolism is so slow it feels like it’s broken.
  • You want more energy and better moods.
  • You want to sleep better.
  • You want fewer aches and pains.
  • You have digestive issues such as heartburn, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.
  • You are tired of dieting.
  • You want to eat real food—no prepackaged meals or shakes.
  • You know you need an online class and resource to stay on track.
  • You need a personalized program.
  • You feel hopeless after many failed weight loss attempts.
  • You need the flexibility of an online class.


  • Save 25% on nutrition counseling—Get the Support 3-Pack for $247.50 that includes three, 1-hour follow-up appointments. Save $82.50 (25%) off $330. (Wellness Package pricing not available for appointments with Darlene Kvist.)
  • Class participants receive 10% off products throughout the series

Still not sure if the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Online Program is right for you?

Call us at 651-699-3438 or message us and ask your specific questions.

*Results described are not typical and will vary for each individual.

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