The Food Connection to ADD/ADHD

ADD affects increasing numbers of children and adults, fortunately, nutrition can help.

The Food Connection to ADD/ADHD

Bring Balance Back to Your Life

Do you struggle with inattentiveness, concentrating and managing time, and starting or finishing projects? These and other symptoms of ADD affect increasing numbers of children and adults. Fortunately, nutrition can help rebalance your brain chemistry.

What You'll Receive

Realize how much sugar is hidden in commonly-eaten foods and sugar’s impact on ADD/ADHD.


Discover the effect poor intestinal health has on ADD/ADHD and how to improve you intestinal health.


Learn how making small dietary changes can improve focus and follow-through.


Two hours of class time.


RN’s are able to earn 2.4 CEUs by taking this class.*


At Nutritional Weight & Wellness locations, the cost is $30. Through community education, cost ranges from $29–$39 and is determined by each community education department.

Upcoming Sessions

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*This course has been designed to meet the continuing education criteria for registered nurses by Minnesota’s State Board. The RN is responsible for determining whether this course meets his/her needs. We would be happy to provide you with an objectives sheet if you are interested in earning continuing education credits.

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